Healthcare Performance Companies Announces Joint Venture
Company to Partner with Merit Sleep Centers, Operate as HP-Sleep

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, October 6, 2010 – Healthcare Performance (HP) Companies announced it has completed a Joint Venture Agreement with Merit Sleep Centers (Merit) of Lombard, Illinois. This new venture will operate under the name Healthcare Performance Sleep Resources LLC (HP-Sleep).

HP-Sleep will work with hospitals nationally to develop “Sleep Centers of Excellence”, providing diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders to patients while growing hospital revenues through business line expansion and efficiencies. By combining Merit’s extensive sleep center experience with HP’s extensive anesthesia management and consulting experience, HP-Sleep is uniquely positioned to manage and improve every aspect of a hospital’s new or existing sleep medicine business line, ensuring exceptional quality and performance for patients while creating new and profitable downstream revenues for hospitals.

“As hospitals are experiencing more and more financial pressures in an uncertain healthcare industry and challenging economy,” says Jason Bates, HP’s Vice President, “they are seeking new ways to increase revenues and establish stability for their profit margins. Developing sleep medicine as a core business line is one sure-fire way for our clients to do this, and Merit Sleep has the quality clinical applications we were looking for. ”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the number of people reporting sleep problems has increased 13% since 2001. Merit has provided sleep services to tens of thousands of patients in the Chicago area over the last ten years. By partnering with HP, Merit will now be able to expand their proprietary business models and help more patients nationally. According to John Harter, President of Merit Sleep, “Sleep apnea, one of the most common sleep disorders, is a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans yet the majority remains untreated. The risk of stroke, cardiac disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure usually accompanies sleep disorders. Merit has strived to make screening for sleep disorders a standard of care for our communities.”

The decision to operate under the Healthcare Performance umbrella reflects the company’s long-term vision of growing beyond its current core business of anesthesia and sleep, to help hospitals improve revenues, profits and efficiencies throughout their numerous operations and service lines.

A new logo, website ( and marketing campaign has been developed to promote the new HP-Sleep company nationally.

About Merit Sleep Centers
In partnership with numerous hospitals and physician groups, Merit Sleep Centers is the leading provider of sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment in the Chicago area for the last 10 years. Utilizing only the most qualified sleep technicians, Merit provides sleep testing and sleep disorder treatment in accordance with physicians’ orders to thousands of patients annually. Merit’s sleep testing centers are accredited by the American Association of Sleep Medicine, considered by experts as the gold standard for sleep-related disorder testing. For more information, visit Merit Sleep Centers at

About Healthcare Performance Companies
Healthcare Performance Companies is a leading provider of clinical and financial solutions for hospitals and health systems.  Physician led and managed for more than 10 years, Healthcare Performance Companies applies its business and medical skills, learned through years of managing medical practices, to support hospitals and outpatient centers in running more efficiently, increasing their successful patient interactions and improving revenues and profits. Services include Anesthesiology & O.R. Consulting, Anesthesia Practice Management, Sleep Center Management Services, and related Billing & Collections. For more information, visit Healthcare Performance Companies’ website at