Healthcare Performance Sleep Article Published in South Florida Hospital News
“Generate New Hospital Revenues with Sleep Medicine”  in January Issue 

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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, January 26, 2011 – An article from Healthcare Performance Sleep was recently published in the January issue of South Florida Hospital News & Healthcare Report. Entitled “Generate New Hospital Revenues with Sleep Medicine,” this article outlines the growing need for sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment and how this is an opportunity for hospitals to simultaneously improve patient care as well as hospital revenues and profits. Click here to download this article from the South Florida Hospital News & Healthcare Report website.

About Healthcare Performance Sleep
Healthcare Performance Sleep (HP-Sleep) is a sleep center management and consulting company, delivering clinical and financial sleep lab solutions to hospitals. HP-Sleep works with hospitals to develop “Sleep Centers of Excellence”, providing unparalleled diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders to patients while growing hospital revenues through business line expansion and efficiencies. Our expert physician, administrative, marketing, strategic and clinical professionals can develop and implement a tailored strategy to transform your sleep center(s) into a significant scalable strategic business that will contribute to your hospital’s revenue and growth in a short timeframe.  HP-Sleep is a division of Healthcare Performance Companies. For more information, visit Healthcare Performance Sleep’s website at

About Healthcare Performance Companies
Healthcare Performance Companies is a leading provider of clinical and financial solutions for hospitals and health systems.  Physician led and managed for more than 10 years, Healthcare Performance Companies applies its business and medical skills, learned through years of managing medical practices, to support hospitals and outpatient centers in running more efficiently, increasing their successful patient interactions and improving revenues and profits. Services include Anesthesiology & O.R. Consulting, Anesthesia Practice Management, Sleep Center Management Services, and related Billing & Collections. For more information, visit Healthcare Performance Companies’ website at