Our Business

Healthcare Performance – Anesco (HP-Anesco) provides anesthesia services to Broward Health, one of the 10 largest public health systems in the nation. This operation was started in 1999 and has grown continually in revenue and stature within the local medical community each year.

HP-Anesco Has Depth

At HP-Anesco, we currently service more than 60,000 operating room procedures annually with more than 150 full and part time professionals, including 44 MD Anesthesiologists, 51 CNRAs, 36 SRNAs, and 18 in our billing operations. HP-Anesco covers 52 surgical suites, including Cardiac, Liver Transplant, Trauma, OB/GYN, Pediatric and Burn O.R.s. We also have a team of Certified Pain Management providers to cover in-house pain management as well as chronic pain management at various facilities.

HP-Anesco Is Growing

We are continuously recruiting MDs and CRNAs from all parts of North America.

We have active relationships and contracts with numerous recruiters and agencies providing full and part time staff.

We understand the market and what it takes to routinely attract and retain the best and most effective people.

We are known in the industry and people seek us out to bring positive change to hospitals.